Waking up at the dawn of a new season

wiki-welcome-captureAfter more than two years operating in MOM – Minimum Operational Mode – our organization is waking up at the dawn of a new season.

MOM has allowed us to improve the services offered to our members. It permitted us to focus on expanding to better serve the members.

As we are counting exclusively on volunteers to accomplish the tasks that keep the boat afloat, the English version of our websites has fallen behind quite a bit. I took the initiative to whip up a “somewhat existent” update while being on vacation. It’s not perfect but it’s there. Many volunteers will have fun improving it as our membership will expand tenfold in the next few weeks. Aside from refurbishing the blog you are presently reading, I have spent a day and an evening translating the main pages of our wiki.

My English is just functional, I know. I am working on improving it as I go along.

Do you wish to get involved and help us build prosperity? Even if it’s just investing time to correct and translate our publications? Hop in! We’re a joyful team of constructive-minded angels of goodwill. 🙂 Also, you are more than welcome to chat with us on Twitter at @waskaquebec. We are real and organic!


About Jean-François Néron / Waska.org

Directeur général et guide-mentor chez «Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires» (Waskaquébec), une entreprise d'économie sociale œuvrant sans but lucratif à aider ses membres à acquérir l'autonomie socio-économique, à se concerter et à s'entraider pour bâtir leur prospérité. General Manager and Guide-Mentor at "Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires" (Waskaquébec), a non-profit, social economy enterprise helping its members acquire autonomy, collaborate in harmony and perform mutual help in building their prosperity.
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