Waking up at the dawn of a new season

wiki-welcome-captureAfter more than two years operating in MOM – Minimum Operational Mode – our organization is waking up at the dawn of a new season.

MOM has allowed us to improve the services offered to our members. It permitted us to focus on expanding to better serve the members.

As we are counting exclusively on volunteers to accomplish the tasks that keep the boat afloat, the English version of our websites has fallen behind quite a bit. I took the initiative to whip up a “somewhat existent” update while being on vacation. It’s not perfect but it’s there. Many volunteers will have fun improving it as our membership will expand tenfold in the next few weeks. Aside from refurbishing the blog you are presently reading, I have spent a day and an evening translating the main pages of our wiki.

My English is just functional, I know. I am working on improving it as I go along.

Do you wish to get involved and help us build prosperity? Even if it’s just investing time to correct and translate our publications? Hop in! We’re a joyful team of constructive-minded angels of goodwill. 🙂 Also, you are more than welcome to chat with us on Twitter at @waskaquebec. We are real and organic!

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A Theatre Play Promoting Non-Profit Endeavours

TVWaska est une équipe œuvrant sous l'égide de Waska.org

François, Geneviève, Sandrine, Amélie et Roger, des comédiens de la pièce «Path» de TVWaska en 1995.

TVWaska is currently working on a play to be performed in front of a live audience and, simultaneously, recorded on digital media and edited into a series of webisodes on YouTube. The video clips will be posted on the extended Waska.org Network.

Ana, Mik, Lili, Hugo and Kev are young, unemployed adults, depending on government money for their survival. Tired of living a constant hell without hope for a change, they enroll this program offered by a non-profit organization in their community: “Accès-STAR”.

Merci à photo-libre.fr!

Disillusioned, they have lost all motivation for what they view as a ‘rehab’, yet another moralistic lecture from a so-called professional. School advisors, social workers and family members keep insisting, pushing, judging…They just don’t seem to understand the full situation. These young people have good will, they just feel that all this talk about getting their act together is easier said than done.

What a surprise when they find out it’s a reality-TV sort of apprenticeship! In fact, it is broadcast on the Internet instead of TV. It’s way cooler than boring – and oftentimes useless – government programs!

Zoé is also in her early twenties. She’s the Guide, the group leader. The participants find it easier to deal with her, considering that she is practically in their age group. As the plot unfolds, we later find out that Zoé benefits from this program as much as the participants. They share similar fears and idiosyncrasies. The story is a road movie and the destination is socioeconomic prosperity.

This comedic drama does not portray the characters in a caricatural fashion. The accent is placed on the funny situations, the personalities of these individuals and their humour. The characters are engaging and sympathetic, and the play shows their struggle to regain dignity. It’s all about empowerment. This comedic format helps rendering this greyish topic more colourful and appealing to a more pro-active audience. And posting the webisodes on social media is only logical in this on-line era; that is where the ‘interested’ public evolves.

TVWaska members are all volunteers. All of them are motivated by concrete, immediate actions helping the cause – building socioeconomic prosperity in their community. This play is contributing to promote the message, to increase public awareness on both what the unemployed goes through daily and the devotion of the volunteers helping them.

By posting this play on social media, TVWaska members contribute actively to informing the unemployed that help exists, how and where to get it and that hope and perseverance leads to prosperity. It’s a recipe – you just need to follow the instructions and make sure you have the right ingredients. Programs like Accès-STAR provide both the technique and the ingredients. The members also contribute to making volunteering and community actions appealing. If it sets a new trend and makes volunteering cool, mission accomplished!

Merci à photo-libre.fr!Where and how to get involved

Go to TVWaska’s Facebook page and “like” it. All meet-up dates and times will be posted there (and on this blog too).

You need to register as a Waska.org member; payment of annual membership is optional. The play’s structure is all ready, it’s waiting for you to make it better and make the characters live.

Photo 1: TVWaska, under Common Creative
Photos 2 & 3: Many many thanks to Photo-Libre.fr! Sooo appreciated.

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